Children Learning Reading
Veteran Reading Teacher Reveals Proven Formula That Enables Any Parent To Set The Foundation For Their Child To Achieve Reading Success
Having it... Gives Children the Skill And Confidence to Succeed And Achieve Full Potential.

Not Having it... Can Lead To A Lifetime Of Struggles With Reading And Underachievement...
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After ten years of teaching children as young as 2 and 3 years old to read, and helping older struggling readers to quickly catch up to grade level in as little as 8 to 10 weeks...
Let me show you the tested and proven teaching method I use with every student, that's so simple to follow, any parent can use it to teach their children how to read faster & easier!
Yes! You're about to get access to a simple teaching method that just plain works. 

Even though decades of scientific research has proven IT to be the most critical component to teaching children to read (see below). Most schools still do not teach it! 

This, combined with the teaching of "sight words" is the primary reason why so many children STRUGGLE WITH READING!

One third of all grade 4 students can't even read at a basic level...

I know the stress and burden parents live through when their child struggles with reading. I see the shame and self-blame in the struggling readers I help.

It doesn't have to be this way!  Our children can't read because they are taught with the wrong methods. 

All children can be taught to succeed, if given then right tools! But...
Before we teach children to read using phonics, sight words, or any other method, the child must first develop a KEY skill called Phonemic Awareness.

Scientific studies have proven that:
   Children lacking Phonemic Awareness will have difficulties with learning to read and spell.
  Phonemic Awareness training accelerates reading and spelling skills of all children.
  Phonemic Awareness improves children’s word reading and reading comprehension.

My $9 book shows you exactly how to teach Phonemic Awareness through fun and games to set the foundation for your child to achieve reading success.

Esther Kim Miao
I have my MA in education and used to teach high school as well as run a tutoring center where we taught students from age 5 to 18 in just about every subject and all I can say is the extensive amount of research Jim put into building his program is worth the whole program cost alone and it’s EXTREMELY insightful and helpful for teaching your own kids how to read. 

My son is 4 and he is already reading! Jim is also very responsive, which I really appreciate!
Grace Ginez Campos
It is highly recommended for those parents who want their children to read at a young age. 

Amazingly, after few lessons i could see the results, if you just follow the program and be patient :) I am very happy with the result. Proven and tested. Zach was able to read at age 3, thanks to Jim for creating this marvelous program. God speed to you and your family
This Method Works For Children Of ALL Ages
Fact: Reading Can Boost A Child's IQ By Over 6 Pts!
My method works for children as young as 2 years old! You just saw in it in our video. All 4 of my kids learned to read by age 3.  

ALL children can learn to read early. 

My book shows you the three simple things that I do to help my children develop incredible phonemic awareness at just 2 years old.
This method also works for older school aged children. Over the years, I've worked with many (6 - 9 years old) struggling readers. 

These are perfectly bright and intelligent kids, but they struggle because schools set them up to fail. I can typically get them caught up to grade level in just 8 to 10 weeks, and their confidence and happiness simply skyrockets! Our Synthetic Phonics Program is recommended for struggling readers.
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.
Teacher Paige Stih
I have taught in Catholic schools for over 20 years. I wish I had known about your program 20 years ago! I am excited to see my little 3 year olds at school learning phonemic awareness so easily and in only a few minutes each day!
Lee Broderick
I bought it to help a little 6 year old with difficulties.

He progressed so quickly, that he was moved to a higher reading group within 4 weeks!!
Ceci Mitre
My daughter who struggled to read because she wasn't taught phonics and instead they just taught her how to memorize words, but since doing the program she too is excelling.
Matilde Crocini Usher
I absolutely love this program. I started recently with my daughter Aine who we are home-schooling. She is making extraordinary progress in a small amount of time and we aren't anywhere near to doing it as often as is advised in the course! Keep up the great work guys, thanks, the Usher Family, Ireland .
ONLY $9.95
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Here's A Quick Look At What You Get (For Just $9 Bucks) 
  Discover exactly what is Phonemic Awareness, and why children lacking it will struggle to learn how to read.
  Learn how you can quickly help your child develop this most critical skill to succeed with learning how to read.
  You get 32 step by step lessons teaching all phonics basics.
  Learn about the 2 key types of blending methods when teaching reading, and how using one blending method leads to success and using the other can actually lead to struggles...
  Parents with very young children (under 3 years): discover the 3 proven and tested techniques that will enable you to help your child develop very early phonemic awareness. Works for children as young as 1.5 years old! This is not taught anywhere else, except in my book. This is what enables me and smart parents like you to teach children as young as 2 years old to read phonetically.
  I share with you the most fun, effective, and engaging Phonemic Awareness activities and games that I use in all my reading classes. You will teach your child through active play and fun! This is how children learn best! Your children will beg you to play these games with them... so that they can learn!
  You get a daily action plan to keep you on track. Follow the steps listed each day, and you will see amazing results.
  Get this bonus instantly: a set of 18 phonemic awareness worksheets to reinforce everything your child is learning.
You Got Questions...
We got answers!
But Jim... You teach reading, and you probably have smart kids. Can any child learn to read at an early age?
Yes! You betcha! Yes, I do teach reading, and perhaps I might have smart kids. One thing I know for certain is that my kids are smarter because they learned to read early. I have taught children of all ages to read, many are just 2 and 3 year old toddlers! They all learned to read using my proven method. It simply works.
If your method is so good, why is it only $9.95?
My book will show you everything you need to know about Phonemic Awareness (PA), and enables you to help your child to develop PA. This is precisely what's MISSING from how reading is taught in schools! 

It's unfortunate, especially considering the fact that scientific studies have shown that teaching Phonemic Awareness improves a child's reading, reading comprehension, and spelling abilities.

I want to do everything I can to spread the word about this amazing method, and get it in the hands of as many parents as I can. I want every child to succeed, because they deserve it.

Also, I have a separate Synthetic Phonics Lessons Packageavailable for purchase (with 65 step by step phonics lessons), which perfectly compliments your $9.95 purchase for an additional cost. That's highly recommended.
Why don't they teach this in schools?
I wish I had an answer to that! Schools here prefer to teach children to read using sight words, whole language learning, guessing based on context and clues, and word shape memorization. 

Sadly, this is what causes our children to have serious reading problems! Synthetic phonics and Phonemic Awareness are the scientifically proven strategies for helping all children to achieve the best reading results.
What’s next, and when can I start?
I want to help you get started ASAP, and start seeing results too! Once you've placed your order for my $9 book, you'll also have the option to select our proven synthetic phonics program.

Once complete, you'll receive a confirmation email containing a link to access your downloads, and you can get started right away with your child!
Try it risk-free. You’re protected by my 60 days satisfaction guarantee!
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