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Children Learning Reading COMPLETE SYNTHETIC PHONICS Program
(Instant Access Digital Download)
65 tested & proven phonics lessons delivered in 2 stages of learning that will enable any child to become an amazing reader. Includes lesson videos, pre-set lesson printouts, fun to read lesson stories, mp3 audios for all phonics sounds.

Discover the sequential and logical process of learning to read that will take your child from learning letter names and sounds to reading words, sentences, and even reading story books and novels. It only requires 10 to 15 minutes a day.

This package includes both:
1) PHONICS FOUNDATIONS program (32 lessons), and
2) ADVANCED PHONICS program (33 lessons)
Children Learning Reading PHONICS FOUNDATIONS Program
The Phonics Foundations program teaches all the key foundational phonics along with phonemic awareness development.  (Please note: all ages should complete our Foundations Program before starting the Advanced Program.)

What's Included:
   32 step-by-step phonics lessons
   Flashcards and lesson printouts
   Lesson videos
   MP3 audios for all the phonics sounds taught
   Fun lesson activities and beautifully illustrated lesson storybooks.
   Super fun and engaging phonics games to make the learning FUN and stress free, and much more...
Children Learning Reading ADVANCED PHONICS Program
The Advanced Phonics program teaches ALL the complexities of English in 33 logical, sequential, and easily understandable lessons.

What's Included:
   33 step-by-step advanced phonics lessons
   Lesson printouts for all 33 lessons. Hit "print" and you're ready to teach!
   MP3 audios for all the complex sounds/spellings taught
   Illustrated lesson storybook containing level appropriate reading material for the advanced lessons.
Special Add-on Products
Phonics & PA Worksheet Sets
The Worksheet Sets are designed to engage your child in fun and stimulating phonics and phonemic awareness activities! Teacher Jim designed and created these phonics worksheets for use with the students he teaches in his reading classes, and you can be certain that these will greatly enhance your child's learning experience. 150 phonics worksheets in total.
Can be selected and added to order during checkout with any of the Phonics Programs.
Numbers & Math Workbook
The Children Learning Numbers & Math workbook contains colorful and fun exercises to help your child develop important early math skills (159 pages in total).  
  Learning and recognizing numbers
  Counting, writing numbers, matching numbers to groups of objects 
  Understanding and learning the concept of more/greater and fewer/less
  Learning basic addition and subtraction
  Working with graphs and comparing
  Learning to tell time
  Working with number sequencing
  Developing problem solving skills, and much more...
Can be selected and added to order during checkout with any of the Phonics Programs.
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